What is CitizIN?

CitizIN is a FREE interactive game that explores 200 years of Indiana history. CitizIN supports the teaching of Indiana studies and the incorporation of Indiana topics into the teaching of a standard U.S. History course. 

CitizIN was developed by the Center on Representative Government as a companion to the books, Hoosiers and the American Story, and Hoosiers, A New History of Indiana.

Library of Congress Inquiry Cycle Techniques for:

  • Primary Sources
  • Interactive Skill Builders
  • Videos

Content Assessed with:

  • Trivia Challenges
  • Knowledge Check
  • Mini-Games

Primary Source Gallery

  • Documents for further in-class analysis
  • Provides teachers with additional Library of Congress Teacfhing with Primary Sources (TPS) resources to extend content

Where can I find Engaging Congress?

Available for FREE at the App Store and Google Play.

Unit Videos

Territory to Early Statehood
The Civil War
World Wars & the Great Depression
Turbulent Post-War Years
Hoosiers in the 21st Century - Coming Soon!

Primary Source Materials & Additional Resources

The primary sources used in CitizIN are linked to their original online source and can be used in conjunction with the Library of Congress Primary Source Analysis Tool to provide non-device use in the classroom.

Classroom Giveaways

The Center on Representative Government has classroom giveaways to encourage game play. Use stickers and stress squeeze balls to reward completion of a story, trivia challenge or just to encourage after-school play. Contact us to make a request.